Hampton Gardens
is the ideal place to live with key features and two sets of amenities designed with
productivity, recreation and relaxation in mind.

Swimming pool


Want to take a dip after a long tiring day at work? Or aiming to perfect those swimming strokes? Hampton Gardens has two swimming pools that unit owners can take advantage of… It is a perfect place to spend time with family and friends.

Kiddie Pool


Not just for adults, water activities are also built for the kids residing in Hampton Gardens. Children, who definitely adores being in the water, can now enjoy swimming in the pool without waiting for the summer season to arrive.



We each want to have that perfect place wherein we can celebrate special occasions. You could also find that here! We have a pavilion where you could hold those events and get to weave memories with your loved ones that can last a lifetime, and a clubhouse to hangout and watch the world go by.

Childrens Playground


In this day wherein children prefer to just stay inside and play with gadgets, Hampton Gardens provided a place where the kids could play and get to experience the joys of playing outside and experience the fun of being a kid.



Inside the sanctuary of Hampton Gardens, a gym can be found that houses exercise equipment that can be used by all unit owners. Homeowners get to stay fit and keep track of their health goals without the hassle of traffic and paying huge amounts in gym memberships.

Multi-purpose court


Whether it is just for fun or a league, the multipurpose court is always ready for use for residents who want to engage in various sports. As the name depicts, the court was designed not only for basketball, but also for other sports like volleyball and tennis. Makes group sports more fun and exciting.

Community Activities


True to its purpose, Hampton Gardens nurtures camaraderie and maintains close knit relationship between its residents by organizing various events like its annual christmas party, trick or treating during halloween and film showing.